02 November, 2006

Grasping at Straws

Fickle, fickle is the American voter.

At least that is what the Republican party would have everyone believe.

But maybe they are correct.

Perhaps, in the light of John Kerry putting a large foot in his mouth, the voters will ignore corruption, sex scandals, greed, ignorance, arrogance and general mayhem of the Republicans.

Maybe the Republicans can get the patriotism back to the feverish pitch when people honestly forgot what freedom of speech was all about.

Maybe they can rile all of the people who have soldiers in Iraq fighting because we were told there were WMDs being manufactured there.


Oh, those people aren't all happy with the price the soldiers are paying.

And, those people know that to speak out against the war is not the same as not supporting the soldiers.

We are tired of all the smoke screens.
Lie about WMDs and start war to get Saddam.
Wave flags and make a vow of radical patriotism in the face of war criticism.
Quietly let go of retired war hero General who sold nation on war.
Leak the identity of CIA Agent wife of outspoken war critic.
When the public becomes impatient with the lack of progress and the rising casualties, have the Vice President start shooting people.
Lie, cheat, and steal when ever you want.
Create an environment of hate by accusing homosexuals of destroying traditional family values.
Use those traditional values to preach hate towards illegal aliens.

Sure, one very ill-advised comment by John Kerry will make everything all better for the Republicans on tuesday. (Say this softly and in a calm reassuring tone, as if putting a baby to sleep)

There, there, now. Just rest your head.

It'll all be over in a little while.


Kelly said...

Great post, Storm. I hope to God that one idiotic, ill-timed comment by John Kerry won't send the Stepford, goose-stepping rah-rah fools into the booths for the Republicans.

But, my faith in the intelligence of the American voter disappeared a long time ago. I jdon't understand people who want black and white easy answers. Someone tells them what is a sin and what isn't, who is patriotic and who isn't, etc., etc. Can't anyone think for themselves?!

I feel just like I did with all the cliques in high school. I'm not part of them and I have no idea what makes them tick. The difference this time is that I don't want to be in their group.

storm indigo said...

That's what they are hoping for. Trying to dust off that tired a$$ed wag the dog campaign one last time.
It's disgusting.

Even worse, it's insulting.