02 November, 2006

and another thing...

I had to check my radio dial last week. I was listening to the R&B/Soul station, enjoying my Six A.M ride home from work.

All of a sudden, the mellow aftertaste of a beautiful Anita Baker song was brought to a screeching halt.

It was a commercial. The intent is to get me, the black voter, to question the stance Democrats have taken and the works they have done, or haven't done for the community.

And to top it off, the tone of it insults me.


The commercial, talking down to me like I haven't been paying attention to the circus in Washington.

As if I did not see the White House as a larger than life tent? I mean Bozo is running the show, right?

I mean I really waited to hear them say that it was Republicans who gave the Black Man the right to vote in the first place. (WON"T EVEN get started with that!)

Insulting my intelligence is not the way to get my vote!

Then, I had to chuckle. You know the Republicans are running scared this election.



Oh, I bet some treasurer is just so pleased with themselves.

Reassured the blacks are so uninformed that the ads really are all they need.

Damn it, they don't really give a damn about black folk, poor folk, those on the fringes, unless their backs are against the wall.

Then, here they come: "Hey, Brothers and Sisters! (blah, blah, blah)" (read it right. That is not read 'Hay,Brothas an Sistahs! It's in that uptight condescending tone used by people who aren't aware enough to notice that the person they're talking to is as informed and probably as well spoken as they are--if not more so. Have another go at it if you didn't get it the first time. Pronounce every letter)

Well, clearly there is no real brotherhood/sisterhood here, otherwise the legislation out of Washington would be helpful to all Americans living hand to mouth; worried about medical benefits; worried about losing everything they've earned to predatory lenders.

All of us who are hurt if something big happens between now and the next paycheck.

No, these fools show up at the 11Th hour, with a tired smoke and mirror show, arrogantly assured they will dazzle the natives, and baffle us with bullshit.

Sorry, try again.

You won't catch me napping.

I have been paying attention all along.

Baby, I have been up all night.

Today, I listened to Ravel's Bolero as I drove home. They will never look for me listening to classical music!


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