21 November, 2006

'If I Did It'...

"If I Did It" by OJ Simpson...

WOW, give me a minute............

I recall my shock and horror at the verdict. I could not believe that twelve reasonable people could see all of that evidence and find him not guilty.

Now, OJ has written a book where he speculates on how he would have committed the murders if he were the murderer.

OJ has written a book where he speculates on how he would have committed the murders if he were the murderer.

This is proof that all that matters is money. There is no way that anyone with a shred of decency could think this is a good idea.

This man murdered the mother of his children and a man who just happened to be with her.

OJ stood to receive $3.5 Million for the book, which has been pulled due to public outrage.

It is supposed to make everyone feel better to know that OJ's proceeds are going to his children.

To Nicole's children.

I started this post wanting to call Simpson a sociopath: Diagnostic criteria for antisocial personality include a pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others and inability or unwillingness to conform to what are considered to be the norms of society.

But, I cannot, in good conscience call him names like that, especially without knowing if he was cruel to animals as a child or had bad grades in school.

I can call him a narcissist. Clearly, he is that.

Besides, there is enough blame to go around.

It's one thing for OJ to pitch a book where he talks about how he 'could have' killed Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson 'if' he were the murderer.

Never mind that the female victim of this crime is the mother of his children.

Never mind that it takes a sick mind to try to profit on the murder of two people.

Consider this, even if OJ is crazy, he took his book proposal and shopped it around.

Not only was he confident enough to shop it around, some one bought it.

Promised him $3.5 Million for the deal.

Not only did Harper Collins think this was a good idea, their sister station, Fox News, planned to air a two hour interview with Simpson during which he would discuss his tale of historical fiction.

But, the person I really do not understand is the publisher, Judith Regan.

Don't get me wrong. I understand surviving abuse. I have done that.

I understand wanting justice for all victims of abuse.

I also understand her point about Hitler's "Mein Kampf" having been available to this day.

I understand it being personal.

I cannot, however, stretch myself to understand profiting from the murder of two people.

I cannot understand how profiting from Simpson will help her heal wounds from her own past.

OJ's confession is not the same as the confession of Regan's abuser.

Surely she did not sign any future profits over to organizations that aid victims of abuse.

I would say to Judith Regan, put your money where your mouth is, or are your profits going to your children too?

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