26 October, 2006

Gay Marriage

Could you please explain to me how extending marriage rights to homosexual couples diminishes heterosexual unions.

I mean, all this time I have been waiting for someone to explain how 10% of the population could really erode the values of the remainder.

It couldn't be that marriage means all that much, given the growing divorce rate. More heterosexuals are opting to not bother getting married, because getting divorced costs too much.

No one says that cheaters diminish marriage. There is no such discussion for swingers, or households with domestic violence, incest, or substance abuse issues. But, the idea of gays and lesbians making a commitment to one another is unconscionable?


It's the whole promiscuity thing isn't it.

People believe that homosexuals are not capable of monogamy. I mean, surely the gays won't be better at marriage than heterosexuals.

See, the thing about control and power always boils down to economics. This right for marriage boils down to being able to protect what a couple has worked hard to build.

I just don't understand.

Maybe it's just me.


21 October, 2006

Pink for October...better late than never

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month...

so Indigo Storm is going pink for October...because the personal IS the political

15 October, 2006

The battle between good and evil

I must admit, I never really took issue with Bill Clinton for the whole Monica Lewinski thing. Bill lied about something 'dirty' that happened behind closed doors between two consenting adults. My inner feminist took issue with him for referring to her as 'that woman,' but the whole 'moral high ground' thing, I didn't touch it. I figured if Nixon could arrange criminal activities knowing that everything was recorded, then Bill could get a little mouth relations from Monica. Now, I am certain that Hillary saw the whole thing differently. Since that wasn't my marriage, I had nothing to say about it. He was happy. He wasn't bullying any other nations. He wasn't starting wars. He wasn't sending our young, mostly poor people off to war without the equipment they needed to do the job.
No, Bill was feeling fine, and all was right with the world.

So, then G.W. gets into the Oval Office. On September 11Th 2000, domestic terrorism struck the US in a way that no one could sweep under the rug. Our President vowed revenge against those responsible. A new, and sometimes creepy, patriotism swept the country. And soon the suspect was named, Osama Bin Laden. He was Americas target. With Old Glory flying proud, G.W. had his puppet masters grab his Colin Powell doll and sent the well respected former General to the United Nations with a bait and switch. GW sent Colin off to the UN with a smoke and mirror show, accompanied by a song and dance that no one bought into. So, G.W., being arrogant in that self-absorbed kind of way that only the uber-privileged can afford, decided to twist the arms of the heads of nations that cannot afford to piss of America, and went to war anyway. Oh, no, not against Bin Laden. Against Saddam Hussein and Iraq for supporting Al-Quaida.

Yeah, you get it. Remember back in middle school, when Becky got mad a Sara because Bobby liked Sara more. And Becky and her friends wanted to beat up Lisa because Lisa was nice to Sara at lunch. Remember?
See, this is like that. Rather than dealing with the real issue, G.W. figured that in the heat of all the passionate flag-waving no one would care if he went and kick Saddam's butt for trying to kill his Daddy, oh no, um, for having WMD's that are mobile and able to disappear at a moments notice. Hey, every body's seen at least one episode of M*A*S*H*, it could happen. Now, after 3 1/2 years, G.W. is dancing around telling whomever will listen that it's a struggle between good and evil.

Um. (Scratching head) I cannot decipher my score card anymore. Who are the bad guys again?

Does anyone think Monica would join the GOP?

11 October, 2006

Well, Well, It's Ken Blackwell

According to Wikipedia:

Blackwell gained national prominence for his dual roles as Chief Elections official of Ohio and honorary co-chair of the "Committee to re-elect George W. Bush" during the 2004 election. A staunch proponent of gun ownership rights, has stated that he is against abortion even if the mother's life is at risk, and campaigned heavily for the successful 2004 State Constitutional Amendment barring gay marriage.

I know a few of my co-workers were shocked when I called Ken Blackwell dangerous, and said that there is no way anything good would come from him. I can still recall watching him during the last presidential elections. You remember, the one where Ohio was probably THE deciding factor and Good Old Ken, let's just call him Uncle Ken, had face time on the evening news everyday. It was surreal. He was so transparent. You could just see the greed, the lust for power. You can always spot that on somebody, it wears like a cheap suit. It also smells. I knew then that as a thanks for the tally being just right, Uncle Ken would be set up for some major election of his own. Did everyone else not notice that there is a conflict of interest for the Chief Elections Official to also be the Co-Chair of the Committee to Re-elect Dubya? Where is the public outcry?

Uncle Ken is really just the latest act in the Republican Circus brought to We, the People, by George H.W., G.W. (Dubya), and by Barbara and _________ (that other 'Stand-By-Your-Man, Stepford broad) I honestly can't think of her name right now, my mind just went numb when I saw her face. See, the truth is Republicans think that blacks will just love Ken Blackwell. No matter what party he runs for, black people, especially black women will vote for him. You see they know that black women get stuck in that tired 'stand-by-that-black-man' game. Well, this sista' is telling any and everyone who will listen that Uncle Ken is no less of a talking head than Colin Powell, the difference, though, is Colin Powell had the integrity to walk away and stay away when he learned the truth. Powell has already known real power, being just another clown at the circus could never compare.

Uncle Ken doesn't understand that some things just don't change. Politicians have always built their campaigns on hate. The current flavors being Mexicans, and the ever so tasty, lesbians and gays. It wasn't too long ago that Uncle Ken would have been their flavor, and he would have been at odds with that gun he thinks everyone has the right to own. How quickly they forget.

I'll tell you, lust and greed are more potent than people realize. It can make you lose your mind, just look at Uncle Ken.

08 October, 2006

Can you hear it?

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- Thousands marched Saturday in the biggest show of public support yet for Venezuela's main opposition presidential candidate, who pledged to undo what he called the ills of President Hugo Chavez's government.

Can't you just hear American money funneling into Manuel Rosales' coffers. I would bet there are lots of different hands at work in this. Can't you see the puppeteers manipulating strings behind a very thin curtain?

Hey, Hugo did get that sulfur dig in at the United Nations. I would guess that this is the answer to that. (He'd better disappear after he's ousted, or he may meet an untimely death).


06 October, 2006

Traditional Values

Let's all say it...I have a problem with alcohol, and I am checking into rehab.....
Now, look around with a pitiful, woeful expression, while praying that the people are buying into your wag the dog campaign.

This is the latest page from the spin doctor playbook. Mel Gibson used it to cover up his anti-semitism. So, why shouldn't Republicans give it the good old boy try.

So, 'traditional values' is what the G.O.P. touts these days. Isn't that the reason they have the deep pockets of the Religious Right and Evangelical Christians at their disposal. I guess accountability, honesty, and integrity weren't qualities that Mark Foley or Dennis Hastert learned at home.

I almost don't know where to start.

Mark Foley.

If Mark Foley had only chose to taken a chance on the wag the dog campaign, then maybe I would not find him a complete waste. He did not only try smoke and mirrors. This 52 year old man has decided to throw everything and hope something sticks.

This poor guy; he was sexually abused by a clergyman as a young teen, he's just been outed, and he's an alcoholic. But, wait a minute, Mark Foley wasn't just outed. There have been strong rumors about his sexuality from as early as 1996. He always declined comment and even called questions about his sexuality "revolting and unforgivable".

See, the issues are not about adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse (while alcoholism is a common problem among survivors).

You know, my grandmother always said "A drunk speaks a sober mind."

So, drunk or not, Mark Foley was not acting out of character.

The issue is not his sexuality. Gay is not synonymous with predator, or sexual harasser, or anything else.

As an aside, did you know that another word for harass is molest.

A person who refuses to respect himself and others is simply that. This is not typical of all or even most, homosexuals. I would dare say that the odds of a homosexual being predatory is the same as a heterosexual.

Mark Foley earns a salary of $165,200. One hundred sixty five thousand, two hundred dollars. I think he could afford a little psychotherapy to help him with issues of sexual abuse, as well as the alcoholism.

But, excuse me, how is it that this made him carry on like this with a 17-18 year old, while he was supposed to be working FOR THE PEOPLE. Well, I'm sure he's saved a few dollars here and there, so that trip to rehab shouldn't hurt him too much. I sure hope his medical coverage ends at the time of resignation, I would sure hate to foot the bill for all of the help he needs.

So now, the issue is about maintaining a position of power. The Speaker of the House, J. Dennis Hastert has alleged that he did not know what happened, even though there seem to always be at least 10 people who have first hand knowledge of everything that happens in Washington. Surely Hastert knew his chief of staff had confronted Foley. Certainly, he knew. He knew early on. But, no one cared about the well-being of the Pages. Clearly, they are not a real concern still, they are being safeguarded after the fact (translation: lip service). What is important is maintaining a political stronghold.

Just when you think that the issue is as clear as day, here come the Republicans. There is a certain genius in being able to think outside the box. The problem comes when you assume no one else can.

Now, according to the conservative groups, the problem is the "gay agenda". It's not a matter of personal accountability, arrogance, lack of boundaries, or addictions. No.

Nor is it a matter of sexual harassment. No, there is no personal ownership here.

The issue is not that the Hastert knew for a long time that Foley used the Pages as grounds for trolling. That is not important.

What matters is the "gay agenda." The republicans are saying that they were a bit squeamish about dealing with the "gay issue", why?

They weren't squeamish when the identity of a CIA Agent was leaked.

They weren't squeamish about trying to keep quiet about the Vice-President shooting someone on a hunting trip.

The Republicans are only squeamish when it advances their position.

No one was squeamish about discussing a dress with semen on it, when they were talking about a Democratic President. There was no sensitivity at all, whether the discussion was cigars or oral sex. But, no one could address a man sending dirty messages to teenagers?

That is implausible.

That is revolting and unforgivable.

This leads me back to the 'traditional values'. This is the point where the truth comes out. The values they mean are power and profit at any cost. No matter how ridiculous the circus seems, it's still a business. All of the smoke, mirrors and pratfalls under the big top keep the money rolling in.

See, as long as we are talking about ill-fated hunting trips, CIA leaks, and lascivious e-mail, we are not talking about impeachment for a Presidential regime that lied to a nation and started a war with the wrong people and are killing young men and women to continue it. We are not talking about a Vice-President who put a CIA agent's life at risk by deciding that he could change the constitution and unilaterally deciding that he could decide what information to declassify and when.

We are not talking about anything but the show that is being staged, for entertainment purposes only.

Because, the government has figured that We, the people could not possibly keep up. We, the people are not smart enough to see the truth.