03 December, 2011

Damn the Poor Children, Give Them Brooms and Mops!

     President Obama ran a campaign on Change.   He'd better look out because Newt Gingrich has some proposed changes for us all.  Newt thinks that children in poor school districts should have to work as janitors, or at least as janitor assistants.  He thinks these children need to earn money by mopping bathrooms and cleaning toilets.  The unionized janitors should be put out of work.  Pay the poor children from the area to work part-time to clean; they would answer to a 'master janitor'.  Child labor laws, according to the Newt, are truly stupid.

    Where do I begin? I have to approach slowly. So, unions beware because The Newt is coming for you.  Secondly, forget about the current janitor.  He's fired. (That's one way to perpetuate poverty so that no one gets ahead.)

    Now, when are these poor children supposed to study, play, attend classes, or just be children. What about all to the heavy equipment and dangerous solutions inherent in janitorial work. To counter any opposition to his plan, The Newt thinks child labor laws are "truly stupid."

     NO, he's truly stupid!  If that is not some imperialist bull, then I've never heard any.  What would he do next? Would he make the poor students stop going to school altogether? Should they by given a prison numbers early?  There's no time like the present! I wonder if he will find other ways to slowly work slavery back into  the American landscape.

    This is arrogant, condescending, and ignorant. The Republicans have been horrendous throughout President Obama's time in the White House.  But I really want them to keep talking, put Herman Cain out there, and really talk to Michelle Bachmann.  Yes, bring on The Disasta from Alaska too. This is the best circus I have ever seen.

     This time next year President Obama will be ready to begin his second term!