26 September, 2006

Hitler Watercolors Sold at Auction

This just goes to show that people will buy anything. No one knows for certain that Hitler actually painted these works, but they have been selling. Yes, there are people willing to spend money for something created by that monster; as if what he has already left behind weren't more than enough.
I would never be able to sleep with something by that monster in my home. It says a lot that anyone would want it at all. Incredible.

I wonder about people's values. The whole controversy made me think about all of the artwork stolen by the Nazi's. Some of those works were never seen again, but certainly is being enjoyed by someone, somewhere. I guess it doesn't matter how much blood is on it. That is one of the ways that I define evil.


24 September, 2006

Cleveland Councilman Zachary Reed Bears Striking Resemblance To Digital Underground's Humpty Hump

The big difference, however, is that even Digital Underground's Shock-G knew that Humpty was a joke. The Councilman hasn't caught a clue yet.

I wonder when he will realize that whenever he shows up at the bars on West 6th Street, there will be someone there to videotape his every move. Just so that the media can prove him to be a liar.

The councilman said that he frequents the bars to mingle with his constituents. Even if you ignore the fact that his ward's western-most boundary is East 93rd Street, you cannot overlook the fact that whenever he sees a black female while on the prowl, ahem, while mingling, his face sours as if he has just gotten a whiff of his political career.

Poor, poor misguided Zack.

Maybe he should have to use the breathalizer before voting in City Council meetings also. I would hate for him to make a mistake on the behalf of the citizens of Ward 3. It's obviously important for him to represent them well and get a good sense of what they need since he visits W.6 so often to get a feel for them.

So, for Zack, here are the lyrics to My favorite Digital Underground song Humpty Dance

The Humpty Dance
Digital Underground

Aa'it stop whatcha doin' cause I'm about to ruin
the image and the style that ya used to.
I look funny, but yo I'm makin' money so listen up world I hope you're ready for me.
Now gather round, I'm the new fool in town
and my sound's laid down by tha Underground.
I drink up all the Hennessee ya got on ya shelf so just let me introduce myself.
My name is Humpty, pronounced with an umpty.
Oh ladies oh how I like to frumpty,
and to the rappers in the top ten, please allow me to bumpty.
I'm steppin' tall y'all and just like Humpty Dumpty you're gonna fall
when the stereos pump me.
I like to rhyme I like my beef funky. I'mspunky. I like my oatmeal lumpy.
I'm sick with this. Straight gangsta mack. But sometimes I get ridiculous.
I eat up all tha crackers and tha licorace.
Hey yo fatgirl commere are ya ticklish?
Yeah, I called ya fat, look at me I'm skinny.
It never stopped me from gettin' busy.
I'm a freak. I likethe girls with the boom.
I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom.
I'm crazy. Allow me to amaze thee.
They say I'm ugly but it just don't faze me.
I'm still gettin' in tha girls pants and I even got my own dance.

The Humpty Dance is your chance to do tha hump. Ohh do me baby.
Do theHumpty Hump. Ohh ohh do me baby. Do the Humpty Hump.
Do ya know whatwere doin'? Were doin' the Humpty Hump yall.
Watch me do the HumptyHump. Just keep on doin' tha Hump.

People say "yo, Humpty you're really funny lookin'"
That's aaiit 'cause my body's in motion.
You stare, you glare, you try to compare me, but ya can't get near me.
I'm on the floor, bein' at the bars and see all the ladies adore me.
Oh yes ladies I'm really bein' sincere 'cause in the 69 my Humpty nose will tickle your rear.
My nose is big. Uh uh I'm not ashamed, big like a pickle, I'm still gettin' paid.
I'm gettin' laid by the ladies, you know I'm in charge.
Note how I'm livin' and my nose is large.
I get stupid. I shoot an arrow like cupid. I use aword that don't mean nuttin' like loopded.
I sang in Dowhatchalike and if ya missed it,
I'm the one that said "just grab 'em in tha biskets".
I also told you that I like to bite well yeah, I guess that's obvious Ialso like to write.
All ya have ta do is give Humpty a chance and now I'm gonna do my dance.


Oh yeah, that's the breaks. Let me get a little of this base grooveright here.
A dooreaar dooreah dooreaar dooreah.
Ah yeah, now I told y'all a little about myself, lemme tell y'all a little about this dance.
It's real easy to do, check it out.
First I limp to tha sounds like my legs is broken,
shakin' and twitchen' kinda like I was smokin' crazywhack funky.
People say you look like MC Hammer on crack Humpty.
That's aaiit 'cause my body's in motion. It's supposed to look like a fit or a convulsion.
Anyone can play this game. It's my dance y'all Humpty Hump's my name.
No two people will do it the same, ya got itdown, when you appear to be in pain.
Humpin' funkin' jumpin' gig around shakin' your rump
and when a dude or chump ups and points a finger like a stump
you tell him to step off I'm doin' the hump.

Puerto Ricans do the Humpty Hump
Samoans do the Humpty Hump
Let's get stupid
gimme the music, do the Humpty Hump

And to all the ladies, peace and Humptiness forever.


Judge Gaul Says Unwed Mothers Root of All Cleveland Ills

This is an article from Friday's paper. The news video of the judge dogging this woman played on Thursday night. I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing. I searched for the video link, but couldn't find it. So, first the article,and then the commentary.

Cleveland mom gets prison for slicing ear of her infant
Friday, September 22, 2006
James F. McCarty Plain Dealer Reporter

A judge sentenced Tonya Edwards to four years in prison Thursday for slicing the ear of her young son.
Edwards, 35, of Cleveland, pleaded guilty to felonious assault at a hearing in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court.
She initially denied cutting the ear of Micah Belcher Jr., who was 10 months old at the time of the June incident. But after being pressed by Judge Daniel Gaul, she confessed to the crime.

She said she was arguing with the boy's father when she snatched the child away from him and ran into the kitchen. Then, she cut her son.
"I slashed him . . . I don't know [why]," she said. "I wasn't trying to cut his ear off. I might have been trying to cut his father."
Doctors used 15 stitches to repair the boy's ear.
Gaul criticized Edwards for giving birth to nine children with six different fathers - none of whom was her husband. She has four convictions for drug abuse.
Children and Family Services took custody of Micah and all her other children because of neglect and abuse.
"Tonya Edwards is the poster child for unwed mothers and irresponsible parents," Gaul said. "I pray that you don't have any more children."
To reach this Plain Dealer reporter:
jmccarty@plaind.com, 216-999-4153


I wonder if Judge Daniel Gaul has any idea how many single mothers vote. It's amazing how everyone gets lumped into the same category for the sanctimonious to sit on their soap boxes. How many men have been asked how many children they have fathered, by how many women, and if they are financially responsible for them? I would bet that Gaul has never had the gall to ask even one. But, he surely could not help but grandstand when faced with a woman with a history of drug abuse.
Surely, his judgment is better than to believe that this woman is the reason Cleveland is the poorest city in the nation. To my recollection, there has never been an unwed mother to head the Board of Education, nor be Mayor of our down-trodden town. Clearly, Cleveland is ill-prepared to compete with the rest of the nation, let alone prepared to be a part of a global market; but does that burden really rest on the poor? I would suggest that it is not the poor who are the problem, but a symptom, or side effect, if you will, of a much larger problem. It takes a village to succeed or to fail.
Anyone who abuses or neglects children should have their parental rights severed. Drug abusers need assistance, and that right to assistance should not ever override the well-being of the children. The punishment should fit the crime, but clearly this woman has enough on her shoulders without the added burden of being the sole reason for the failure of this city.
There are thousands of unwed mothers who work hard, love their children, and are law abiding citizens. Most of these women will never see the inside of a criminal court room. Clearly, the problem with the city will have to be found without the use of classism, sexism, and racism.

The link will take you to a video of Judge Gaul in action. http://www.newsnet5.com/news/9905115/detail.html#

19 September, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI Suffering from Gibson's Diseaes

Is Pope Benedict XVI on crack? Isn't the fire of religious fervor burning hot enough? Did he really have to add C4? Is it arrogance that takes over, or is it that people just cannot help kicking the underdog?

I mean, really, he just jumped on the Mel Gibson train and took it all the way to the end of the line. Obviously, the head of the Catholic Church is going to have a point of view that differs from the followers of other religions. But, most of the problems would be remedied if people could just be diplomatic. I mean, there are lots of catholics who disagree with some of the views of the church, and there are lots of people who still refer to their preists as "Father", and not "Pedophile/Predator", so I say popes who live in glass Vaticans....I must have missed Ben's comments about that. Is he really surprised that his apology was not accepted, he did not apologize for his outrageous remarks, only for the response to his remarks. "Wow, I'm sorry that 'those people' got upset about my words". He sure sounds contrite to me. It's amazing to see such short-sighted arrogance. He must have learned from our president.

The sad part is that so many people agree with this twisted, and prejudiced view-point. Any time you judge all of a group by the actions of a few, you are making a huge mistake.

Peace be with you.