29 September, 2005

What the hell am I thinking?

You know what, I guess I have to take off my rose colored glasses and just chill. I want to be like GW. No, I am not going Republican, and I have no desire to become a cocaine sniffing idiot. I want to be just damned ruthless. Chris Rock said that GW is straight gangster, and he's right. I mean, this little swaggering brat, went to war without the backing of anyone in the world. After all, Saddam tried to kill his Daddy. Yes, Great Britain came along for the ride, but after Tony Blair's arm resembled a Monterey Cypress. He was then used as an example for the rest of America's friends. So, Georgie had a trantrum, bullied and got his way. He lied, cheated, and no one's gonna do a damn thing to him.
I mean these bastard watched people drown for days in New Orleans and waited for 5 days before they decided to help. Hey, fuck 'em, they're not republicans anyway (there aren't any poor republicans)! Then they remind Georgie that he IS the President, and it looks bad that the government watched all those people drown and starve. So Karl Rove had the brilliant idea for him to go to the undestroyed part of town and use lots of resources to light the pretty park and show Georgie strutting around. I guess our heads are supposed to screw off.
And about his boy, Karl Rove, who acted like a bitch by exposing that CIA operative. Why did he do that. Because her husband had the integrity to tell the world the truth about Georgie's Revenge War, and what happened to Karl as a result? He's in charge of the reconstruction in New Orleans. Doesn't sound like Georgie is planning on cutting him loose anytime soon. So all of America, and the rest of the world, is theirs to rape and rob and pillage. I wonder if Cheney is going to talk Karl into steering one of those contracts Haliburton's way? It's just a thought.
These mo-fos are a trip. I think we all got shit wrong. This do unto others, and turn the other cheek shit is out the window. I wanna be like Georgie. I wanna be straight gansta.


04 September, 2005

I think the National Black Caucus got it wrong.

During the NBC's press conference the media was corrected for using the term refugee in reference to the thousands of victims of Hurricane Katrina. These citizens, who had to evacuate their homes with precious little besides their loved ones, are living in substandard conditions for six says now. The media has taken sinful delight in showing a civilized people's descent into hell. But the media got it right, these people are refugees. By definition, a noun, meaning one who flees in search of refuge, as in times of war, political oppression, or religious persecution. I would dare you to see the melee and say it is not a war zone on the ground there. And, wouldn't there have been faster response from our government if the socioeconomic conditions of these victims were different. I mean, this is a city that is 66.6% African-American. (you know, blacks, Negroes, niggers, coons: all of those names that people mistakenly assume aren't harmful if they are only used in the comfort of their homes ) The city flooded on Tuesday, and the first real sign of relief did not show up until Friday. It didn't take the U.S. government four days to respond to the Tsumani, they are also poor. So what's the difference. New Orleans is a tourist spot also, but....oh most of the people who actually live there are inconsequential to the government. I mean, did you hear the head of FEMA, they didn't have "confirmed" reports of the conditions on the ground. See. don't further insult us, a city below sea level is 80-90% flooded, I would guess they'd need SOMETHING, even if the first reports were unconfirmed, the situation was grim from the start.

Our President is very protective of his "daddy", I wonder, if George and Barbara had to steal from Kennebunkport's Wal-Mart to survive, would FEMA have moved faster? He needs to pretend every American is George and Barbara. Were fight a war, because Saddam tried to kill his "daddy", so imagine all the ails that could be corrected with a different perspective. But Americas dirty laundry had been brought to bear. Yeah, I'm proud to be an American........
A friend of mine gives a "soundtrack" to accompany the theme of the days' entry, so I am going to borrow from her every now and again. Maybe New Orleans can adopt it as a temporary Theme Song, it fits. Today's song is Subcity by Tracy Chapman.
People say it doesn't exist
'Cause no one would like to admit
That there is a city underground
Where people live everyday
Off the waste and decay
Off the discards of their fellow man
Here in subcity life is hard
We can't receive any government relief
I'd like to please give Mr. President my honest regards
For disregarding me
They say there's too much crime in these city streets
My sentiments exactly
Government and big business hold the purse strings
When I worked I worked in the factories
I'm at the mercy of the world
I guess I'm lucky to be alive
They say we've fallen through the cracks
They say the system works
But we won't let it
I guess they never stop to think
We might not just want handouts
But a way to make an honest living
Living this ain't living
What did I do deserve this
Had my trust in god
Worked everyday of my life
Thought I had some guarantees
That's what I thought
At least that's what I thought
Last night I had another restless sleep
Wondering what tomorrow might bring
Last night I dreamed
A cold blue light was shining down on me
I screamed myself awake
Thought I must be dying
Thought I must be dying