26 October, 2006

Gay Marriage

Could you please explain to me how extending marriage rights to homosexual couples diminishes heterosexual unions.

I mean, all this time I have been waiting for someone to explain how 10% of the population could really erode the values of the remainder.

It couldn't be that marriage means all that much, given the growing divorce rate. More heterosexuals are opting to not bother getting married, because getting divorced costs too much.

No one says that cheaters diminish marriage. There is no such discussion for swingers, or households with domestic violence, incest, or substance abuse issues. But, the idea of gays and lesbians making a commitment to one another is unconscionable?


It's the whole promiscuity thing isn't it.

People believe that homosexuals are not capable of monogamy. I mean, surely the gays won't be better at marriage than heterosexuals.

See, the thing about control and power always boils down to economics. This right for marriage boils down to being able to protect what a couple has worked hard to build.

I just don't understand.

Maybe it's just me.


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