09 February, 2012

President Obama vs. the Pope

    So, is the federal government impeding religious freedom by forcing religious employers to offer contraception as a part of their health care packages.  This guarantees that women who may work for religious, especially catholic, organizations will have the freedom to make their own choices.  This is not about religious freedom.

    Women should be able to decide what they do with their own bodies.  This is a medical issue.  Everyone should be able to decide how, if, or when they reproduce.  It's a woman's decision to be made with her doctor.

    The funny thing is that the first thing people say if a mother needs help is why would she have babies she couldn't afford to take care of.  The first thing that happens is that the mother is blamed.  Yet on the other hand, if she works for a catholic hospital, for example, she has to pay out of pocket or not have birth control.

   Has anyone else noticed that there aren't many of those families with lots of kids anymore?  The truth is, in America most catholics use birth control. MOST AMERICAN CATHOLICS USE BIRTH CONTROL.  So, are these republicans saying that they are not having sex with their wives if she's post-menopausal? Are Catholics adhering to all of the tenets of their faith?

This is about the control of a woman's body being in her hands.  Not her boss's, not her husband's, not her priest's, just hers.  The truth is that is all it is about.