09 December, 2005

King Kong ???

Before I start, I am not being paranoid, racist, or inflammatory. I don't think a movie is just a movie when there is such a racist vein, that saying 'vein' is an insult to the intelligence.
Are they serious? Just in case systematic racist agendas aren't enough, let's re-produce one of the most blatantly racist movies ever: King Kong. You know the one where the Virginal White Woman goes off into the jungle among savages and they fall in love with her. They are so in love that they know for sure that the Big Black Jungle Ape is gonna go 'bananas' for her. He's so gone for her that he gets lured out of his element, where he is trapped, kidnapped, and then lynched, er, conquered. The Virginal White Woman is saved from the Big Black Jungle Ape and place back upon the pristine pedestal she deserves.
So, black men, understand, the white woman will be your undoing. You will die if you tread those waters.
White women, you can't go playing in the jungle, you'll become soiled. We cannot stand for that.
Black women, surely you know that you could never be what a white woman is to the world. Look at the hold she has over all mankind.
White men, take back and keep control of your women.

We don't need this kind of crap. It is bullshit. It is unnecessary. We should be beyond this, but then again, why not go back into the jungle. If the film makers go into space, they just come back with Jar-Jar Binks. The bull just never ends. What year is this?