15 October, 2006

The battle between good and evil

I must admit, I never really took issue with Bill Clinton for the whole Monica Lewinski thing. Bill lied about something 'dirty' that happened behind closed doors between two consenting adults. My inner feminist took issue with him for referring to her as 'that woman,' but the whole 'moral high ground' thing, I didn't touch it. I figured if Nixon could arrange criminal activities knowing that everything was recorded, then Bill could get a little mouth relations from Monica. Now, I am certain that Hillary saw the whole thing differently. Since that wasn't my marriage, I had nothing to say about it. He was happy. He wasn't bullying any other nations. He wasn't starting wars. He wasn't sending our young, mostly poor people off to war without the equipment they needed to do the job.
No, Bill was feeling fine, and all was right with the world.

So, then G.W. gets into the Oval Office. On September 11Th 2000, domestic terrorism struck the US in a way that no one could sweep under the rug. Our President vowed revenge against those responsible. A new, and sometimes creepy, patriotism swept the country. And soon the suspect was named, Osama Bin Laden. He was Americas target. With Old Glory flying proud, G.W. had his puppet masters grab his Colin Powell doll and sent the well respected former General to the United Nations with a bait and switch. GW sent Colin off to the UN with a smoke and mirror show, accompanied by a song and dance that no one bought into. So, G.W., being arrogant in that self-absorbed kind of way that only the uber-privileged can afford, decided to twist the arms of the heads of nations that cannot afford to piss of America, and went to war anyway. Oh, no, not against Bin Laden. Against Saddam Hussein and Iraq for supporting Al-Quaida.

Yeah, you get it. Remember back in middle school, when Becky got mad a Sara because Bobby liked Sara more. And Becky and her friends wanted to beat up Lisa because Lisa was nice to Sara at lunch. Remember?
See, this is like that. Rather than dealing with the real issue, G.W. figured that in the heat of all the passionate flag-waving no one would care if he went and kick Saddam's butt for trying to kill his Daddy, oh no, um, for having WMD's that are mobile and able to disappear at a moments notice. Hey, every body's seen at least one episode of M*A*S*H*, it could happen. Now, after 3 1/2 years, G.W. is dancing around telling whomever will listen that it's a struggle between good and evil.

Um. (Scratching head) I cannot decipher my score card anymore. Who are the bad guys again?

Does anyone think Monica would join the GOP?

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