11 October, 2006

Well, Well, It's Ken Blackwell

According to Wikipedia:

Blackwell gained national prominence for his dual roles as Chief Elections official of Ohio and honorary co-chair of the "Committee to re-elect George W. Bush" during the 2004 election. A staunch proponent of gun ownership rights, has stated that he is against abortion even if the mother's life is at risk, and campaigned heavily for the successful 2004 State Constitutional Amendment barring gay marriage.

I know a few of my co-workers were shocked when I called Ken Blackwell dangerous, and said that there is no way anything good would come from him. I can still recall watching him during the last presidential elections. You remember, the one where Ohio was probably THE deciding factor and Good Old Ken, let's just call him Uncle Ken, had face time on the evening news everyday. It was surreal. He was so transparent. You could just see the greed, the lust for power. You can always spot that on somebody, it wears like a cheap suit. It also smells. I knew then that as a thanks for the tally being just right, Uncle Ken would be set up for some major election of his own. Did everyone else not notice that there is a conflict of interest for the Chief Elections Official to also be the Co-Chair of the Committee to Re-elect Dubya? Where is the public outcry?

Uncle Ken is really just the latest act in the Republican Circus brought to We, the People, by George H.W., G.W. (Dubya), and by Barbara and _________ (that other 'Stand-By-Your-Man, Stepford broad) I honestly can't think of her name right now, my mind just went numb when I saw her face. See, the truth is Republicans think that blacks will just love Ken Blackwell. No matter what party he runs for, black people, especially black women will vote for him. You see they know that black women get stuck in that tired 'stand-by-that-black-man' game. Well, this sista' is telling any and everyone who will listen that Uncle Ken is no less of a talking head than Colin Powell, the difference, though, is Colin Powell had the integrity to walk away and stay away when he learned the truth. Powell has already known real power, being just another clown at the circus could never compare.

Uncle Ken doesn't understand that some things just don't change. Politicians have always built their campaigns on hate. The current flavors being Mexicans, and the ever so tasty, lesbians and gays. It wasn't too long ago that Uncle Ken would have been their flavor, and he would have been at odds with that gun he thinks everyone has the right to own. How quickly they forget.

I'll tell you, lust and greed are more potent than people realize. It can make you lose your mind, just look at Uncle Ken.

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adrienne said...

Yes!!!!! Oh, you really said it! Thanks for this post!