19 September, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI Suffering from Gibson's Diseaes

Is Pope Benedict XVI on crack? Isn't the fire of religious fervor burning hot enough? Did he really have to add C4? Is it arrogance that takes over, or is it that people just cannot help kicking the underdog?

I mean, really, he just jumped on the Mel Gibson train and took it all the way to the end of the line. Obviously, the head of the Catholic Church is going to have a point of view that differs from the followers of other religions. But, most of the problems would be remedied if people could just be diplomatic. I mean, there are lots of catholics who disagree with some of the views of the church, and there are lots of people who still refer to their preists as "Father", and not "Pedophile/Predator", so I say popes who live in glass Vaticans....I must have missed Ben's comments about that. Is he really surprised that his apology was not accepted, he did not apologize for his outrageous remarks, only for the response to his remarks. "Wow, I'm sorry that 'those people' got upset about my words". He sure sounds contrite to me. It's amazing to see such short-sighted arrogance. He must have learned from our president.

The sad part is that so many people agree with this twisted, and prejudiced view-point. Any time you judge all of a group by the actions of a few, you are making a huge mistake.

Peace be with you.

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