26 September, 2006

Hitler Watercolors Sold at Auction

This just goes to show that people will buy anything. No one knows for certain that Hitler actually painted these works, but they have been selling. Yes, there are people willing to spend money for something created by that monster; as if what he has already left behind weren't more than enough.
I would never be able to sleep with something by that monster in my home. It says a lot that anyone would want it at all. Incredible.

I wonder about people's values. The whole controversy made me think about all of the artwork stolen by the Nazi's. Some of those works were never seen again, but certainly is being enjoyed by someone, somewhere. I guess it doesn't matter how much blood is on it. That is one of the ways that I define evil.



Emily said...

I know why you offended, and part of me is too, like, "Why would you want something from a man who did so much damage." They could have it because they think, "Wow, Hitler was such a great person, wasn't he?" and to commemorate him. I don't really know people's intentions, but it could also be just the fascination with stuff that is "wrong" (not denying that what Hitler did wasn't wrong; you know what I mean) and an interest in seeing if the perpetrator of genocide of 6 million people (Jews particularly, but also gays, the mentally challenged, non-Jewish political prisoners, etc.) could really create artwork that didn't reflect those values. They are shocked by how different he seemed to be earlier, and how one man (or woman, of course) can change so much. Of course, maybe his art reflected the start of his holding Germany in such high regard ("look at how wonderful everything is," even though they were paintings of Austria, mostly, I think). I guess your opinion is that if the creator of the artwork was evil, that means that anyone who buys it is condoning evil? I know it hurts you (well, duh) that people are buying this stuff. In a second, I will probably change my mind; I do so with issues like these every second. But keep in mind, while I still think what he did was extremely wrong (and my father is Jewish, though that doesn't really matter), and yes, you would have to wonder why someone would want it, part of it is just the fascination, and another part may be that they just like the art, and they can seperate the two. Or a combination of the two. I understand your opinion, and hate Hitler, but this is how I interpret it. Thanks for letting me say a few things. :)(Sorry for going on about this; I'm a first-year at Randolph-Macon Woman's College taking a required course about popular music as it is related to all these different fields; our lecture yesterday was about music and ethics, and the topic was whether you can seperate morality and art, and some of the specific questions were "If a piece of artwork is done by someone immoral, does that make the artwork itself immoral and does that make the person immoral for appreciating it?" (although the lecture was specifically referring to popular music, but still). It was a PowerPoint, and it was more spread out, but you see what I mean here. So thanks -- I really appreciate you letting me go on and on about this; it really is complicated about what we should and shouldn't allow, and it makes me crazy thinking about it, considering the beliefs I have about people and the world, and everything. Your post just got me thinking. :)

storm indigo said...

I guess if the art work was particularly accomplished I could understand. It couldn't be that it's such a great investment, they have not been autheniticated. I agree that it is simply a fascination with things infamous. It is the macabre that seems to be the draw.

It is just a sad commentary.
Thanks for you comments.