25 March, 2008

A quick thought about race.

For those who think that race is no longer an issue, ask yourself: when is the last time articulate was used as an attribute for a white person?

It seems like something small, but it speaks volumes. In relation to Barak Obama, he was a law professor. Condoleeza Rice has a better education than the President. So, how is it that reporters say articulate and people nod in agreement as if this is unheard of.

Just a thought.



the only daughter said...

My son and I have this conversation often. The thought is what we think too.

Don said...

Race will always be an issue in America. I think people need to wake up and stop acting like it won't. Only then can we, at least, have intelligent discussion.

When they open Mars; I'm gone.

storm indigo said...

I think I agree with you.

welcome. talking openly in this country doesn't really happen. just lip service. it's really sad.

DaisyBug said...

I suspect you meant to say "by the media" right after you said "when is the last time articulate was used as an attribute for a white person?" - because in all honesty and with sincerity I tell you that the rank and file realize that most PEOPLE are not terribly articulate so we use the word in shock and astonishment anytime we encounter someone deserving... I point this out with respect to your point, not with the intention of arguing - the nodding you see is agreement, but has nothing to do with it being unheard of. At least not in my circles.