10 October, 2007

Students and Teachers shot in Cleveland High School


Today, here in Cleveland, Ohio, a suspended student entered a high school and shot 2 students, 2 teachers and then killed himself.

The school is Success Tech, located in downtown Cleveland. The students and families are in shock. I am in shock. The student/suspect was a 14 year old male, who is being described by other students as an outcast who had difficulty making friends. He was suspended from school yesterday and came in today, possibly carrying 2 weapons, and shot at other students and teachers. One of the teachers is possibly in more serious condition. One of the students is being released from the hospital.

The news interviewed the young man who was first shot at by the suspect. The young man missed being shot and ran down the stairs to warn others.

These children were not cutting school. They were at school. Where we are sure they will be safe and that they are learning. It has been a long while since I have sat and cried watching the news. I felt hopeless. I am so saddened. It is hard enough to get our children to school and excited about school. Last year this city was listed as the poorest city in the country. This means that our children have a very hard way to go in this world. What happens when they do not even feel safe at school?

The sad part is that more and more this is the way that kids think to handle their problems. It isn't just a poor problem.


the only daughter said...

Too little early intervention. Too many guns. Too much access. Too, too much. Too little, too sad.

storm indigo said...

so, so sad. Sometimes it breaks my heart to think that our children do not have a fighting chance.