04 November, 2008

The President Elect

BARACK OBAMA is the President Elect of The United States of America!

There are so many things running around in my head tonight. I am so excited. I feel like it's Thanksgiving and Christmas all in one.

I am glad, tonight, that I work night shift. I have an excuse for being up all night listening to the news.

This is indeed a historic day. Even if you disagree with the man's politics, I hope you can see what a beautiful statement this makes about our nation.

My heart is full. I am proud. There is a first lady whom I can actually admire. I am so profoundly happy.

The question now is what went wrong for John McCain? I hope someone is honest with him. Yes, the economic crisis was not favorable, because it made it painfully clear to many that we could not afford to keep things the same in Washington. The real damage was Sarah Palin, Gov. Ak. It was a good thought, try to get some of those woeful Hillary supporters. It fell apart when he chose Ms. Betcha-by-golly, proud redneck woman, Sarah Palin. Who could take him seriously after that? What she's supposed to appeal to feminists? Only if you have no clue what a real feminist is.

As an aside: I have to say I missed Tim Russert's voice during this Election 'Season'.

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