13 September, 2008

Can you hear the music?

....Cue the banjos.

Is this really the person you want ready to take the helm when that whipper-snapper McCain finally gives up the ghost?

So, this is what America needs? These are the traditional family values that are being protected and fought for?

She can say, however, that the political is personal. She can see the abstinence only sex-ed policy at work right behind her. Promises break a lot faster than condoms.

Oh, is this the picture of America that we are all supposed to embrace.


the only daughter said...

We as in the collective, universal...are about to step in it, big time. Unless we as in the collective, universal stop the madness. November.

storm indigo said...
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storm indigo said...

We, collective and universal, still have miles to go until we, collective and universal, truly learn to judge based on character rather than color. Yes, politics is about more than that.

And, are we as women supposed to really feel some sort of...well, ANYTHING for Sarah Palin? Are we supposed to accept her as a substitue for Hilary? All those women distraught that Obama won the nod, is she supposed to be the consolation prize?

It's just insulting.