14 July, 2008

U.N. fails to pass sanctions against Zimbabwe

It is not often that sanctions are truly called for, but this is one of those times. Zimbabwe has become a dictatorship. Robert Mugabe has beaten and bullied any opposition into hiding and submission. He has run the country into the ground. Russia and China stood together and vetoed the "resolution that they said represented excessive interference in the country’s domestic matters." Incredible. So, the people of Zimbabwe will suffer and the world will watch and not come to their aid.



Ehav Ever said...

I personally think that the UN is extremely corrupt thus they are not prone to act in situations that they deem to have no benefit to some financial or political angle.

storm indigo said...

...and this is how the world goes round.

No government or entity moves without a pulse on the economics of a situation. Frankly, if it is not about money, does it exist? Usually public interest followed by a political powerful country that is willling to bargain favors, is what makes the UN move. I just want people to talk about it and be aware. Nothing will happen there if we aren't talking about it.

like with Rwanda, I saw the killing and bloodshed on the news. The rivers were literally red with blood and bodies being carried with the current, still nothing happened. everyone thought some one else was gonna do something.