13 April, 2007

Moral Compass

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are not the moral compass of the African-American community. They get media attention because people are sure to tune in to listen to them.



Is George Bush the moral compass of white america? Or is it Don Imus? Does Osama express how all Muslims feel?

It makes as much sense as thinking that all black people thought OJ was innocent?


This is why we are stuck in this tug of war still. This is how you know how far we still have to go.



Ehav Ever said...


One of the reasons that I think Jackson and Sharpton are often totted as the voices of African Americans is because of the legacy of Dr. King and Malcom X. It seems as if after they passed on there was a search for replacements to occupy the varying spectrums. It may also be because they have the loudest voices, or are propped up to be the loudest voices.

There are some who theorize that the second, that they have been propped up or selected to be said voices. So for example, instead of seeking out various voices from various African American perspectives Jackson and Sharpton have been chosen by the media and certain African Americans to be said voices. That is regardless of if they truly represent African Americans or not.

Just a theory.

storm indigo said...

Greetings and Welcome Ehav Ever,

We are in agreement.

I agree that they have been loudest, but it seems that a great deal of people do not question that they speak for everyone.
My point is that the media pushes its own agenda, especially where African Americans are concerned. We are portrayed as mindless chattle who will vote or protest as directed by Jackson or Sharpton. We are said to all think OJ was innocent, to give another example.

Also, they are loudest only because the media insists on shoving microphones in their faces. There are plenty of voices. The media seeks those which will give them ratings, not a true and honest perspective. Actually, the media treats everybody as if we are mindless chattle, because who would ever believe that one or two people speak for every other black person in the country? I mean I bet there are people who think that the only black republicans are Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice.

Enough already is all I'm saying

Miriam said...


I say pay no attention to all the chatter of the media. keep moving forward!