12 December, 2006

President Asks For Input

I have been a bit..confused by this lately. It's a bit late in the day for Dubya to consider what others think.

He did not want opinions when he decided to go to war without the backing of any other nation that did not need their arms twisted.

It wasn't important when he sent Colin Powell to the UN with that pack of lies wrapped up tightly for US consumption. No, really, who else bought it?

But, now, in the waning hours of his presidency, when he finally has to acknowledge that most of the citizens of this nation do not want this war.

Oh, did it take the mid-term elections for him to see the writing on the wall?

Is this just a way of having others to blame when it blows up in our faces?

Funny how Dubya can ask opinions once the tides have changed in D.C.

It's too sad for me to even make fun of it.

May God bless and keep our armed forces.


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