16 July, 2005

Michael Jackson

Ok, I have to talk about Michael Jackson for a minute. Since he was acquitted, the radio stations are playing his music again. During that trial, I didn't hear Michael, The Jacksons, Jackson 5, or Janet. I was driving and one of his songs came on, I was HAPPY! And, it's not just me. I was out eating and one of his songs came on, you should have seen people moving around. They were singing and snapping their fingers, and dancing in their chairs.

See, Michael Jackson fans should have their own parade. Now they no longer have to be ashamed of their MJ collection: that glove, the socks, posters, and the Thriller jacket. They can Say it Loud, 'Michael's back and I'm proud! So, MJ fans come out of the closet.

I know, there is still the issue of the whole Peter Pan/Neverland thing. I think I know what would get Michael back on track. Michael needs re-parenting. Yes, I know it's not cool to talk about somebody's mother, but Catherine has obviously had her spirit beaten out of her by Joe. So, you really can't blame her. All of those "kids" need a real mom. You know what I mean, one of those down-to-earth, laugh easy, love hard women who see bull coming before your can even get it out of your mouth. One of those women who can get their shoe off, hit you, get the shoe back on and get back to what she was doing before the crying starts. They need some "lap" time, to be nurtured and talked to. To be comforted and scolded and to learn some "common sense" (you don't hear that much any more, but we sure do need it). So, I say they need to round up Marlon, Randy, Tito, Jackie, Jermaine, Michael, Rebie, La Toya, and Janet and put them all in an intensive therapy program, and maybe then we can all get back to Moon-walking and being able to sing 'Man in the Mirror' outside of the shower.


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